The Nostalgic Book Review Tag II


The Nostalgic Book Review Tag was created by the beautiful Read Think Ponder and I was tagged by her. This is my second time doing this tag (check out my first nostalgic book review here) but I loved doing it so much that I needed to do it again! But this time, instead of reviewing a book, I decided to review my favourite manga of all time.


The idea of this tag is that you choose a book you read over 3 years ago and review it from memory without looking up a summary of it.

Here is my summary of the guidelines:

  1. Summary: Provide a summary of the book, including approximately when you read it, without consulting Google or the book itself.
  2. Thoughts: Share your thoughts on the book, from memory
  3. Epilogue: Look up a summary of the book and share your thoughts on what you did or didn’t remember/current feelings about the book.

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