Book Haul: December 2016


I was actually more restrained this month when it came to buying books. I still acquired a sizeable stack but it was much better than other months when I had absolutely no self-control.



All of these were actually books that I ordered in November but didn’t receive until the first few days of December. I own paperback editions of The Smell of Other People’s Houses and Second Chance Summer but I loved them so much that I wanted the hardcover editions too. The rest are books that I’ve wanted to read for a really long time.



I picked up Freedom Swimmer to read for the #DAReadathon so hopefully I can get to it soon. I couldn’t resist the cover and the rose gold foiling and rose gold painted pages on New York: Through a Fashion Eye so I snapped it up immediately. It was also signed by Megan Hess. On Boxing Day, Kinokuniya had a 20% off sale so I picked up the special hardcover edition of A Monster Calls and also the paperback boxset of The Gentleman Bastard Sequence, which I’ve wanted to read for a while.



I only picked up two books from Dymocks in December and I got them during the same shopping trip. I’d been lusting after the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them screenplay since it first came out. I was in North America at the time and didn’t want to lug it back home so I wanted until I was back to pick it up. I was also in the mood for a festive book so I bought The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily.



I received a bunch of books from Pan Macmillan Australia in December. I’m part of the blog tours for A Quiet Kind of Thunder (January 8) and Freeks (February 5) so keep an eye out for my posts on those. I also requested Windwitch and they kindly sent me a copy. And I received A Girl Called Owl unsolicited. My coblogger Jeann @ Happy Indulgence sent me An Illustrated History of Notable Shadowhunters and Denizens of Downworld as a Christmas gift because she knew I really wanted it and omg the book is stunning!!

What exciting books did you pick up or receive during the holidays?

Book Haul: March 2016


Can you believe another month has passed? I feel like it wasn’t that long ago that I posted my February book haul, and now I have another massive pile of books that I acquired. Whoops?



I’m pretty happy with the fact that I only bought 5 books from the Book Depository this month (and they all have super pretty covers!). I usually order a lot more than 5 each month. Lady Midnight and The Way I Used to Be were both preorders that finally arrived in March. I also bought The Chimes because it was one that I’ve been looking forward to reading ever since the Man Booker 2015 longlist was revealed. All the Birds in the Sky is also one that I’ve been really intrigued by, and had to pick up because the premise sounded really good. And I picked up The Forbidden Wish after hearing a couple of bloggers rave about it. It sounds really good and I can’t wait to jump into it soon.



So… I kinda bought all of these on the same day. I received A Tangle of Gold a while ago from the publisher and was part of the blog tour for the book. When the book came out, I picked up a finished copy of it at the Dymocks YABookmeet event, where Jaclyn Moriarty was the guest. There were also copies of her other books there so I picked them up as well. I read Finding Cassie Crazy years ago and I’m glad to finally own a copy. I read the first book in this companion series, Feeling Sorry For Celia a few months ago, and wanted to read the rest of the books in the series, so now I can. All of these books are signed by Jaclyn! I also got This is Shyness because the bookmeet was about magical realism, and this was one of the recommended magical realism reads.



I was lucky enough to receive some of the books that I requested from publishers this month. I received Frankie from Penguin Teen Australia to review on Happy Indulgence. I also got This is Where the World Ends and The Passion of Dolssa from HarperCollins Australia. I actually got an ARC of This is Where the World Ends last month, but they kindly sent me a finished copy this month as well. I received The Haters, Dreaming the Enemy and Follow Me Back unsolicited from Allen & Unwin. Thank you so much to those publishers for those books. I won a copy of Burning Midnight from Dymocks at the YABookmeet because I answered some trivia questions correctly. Thank you to Dymocks and Emily for that!



I read Sweet Filthy Boy last month and decided to pick up the next novel in the companion series, Dirty Rowdy Thing, this month. I was feeling a little slumpy and thought some NA might help. I requested Every Exquisite Thing from Hachette on NetGalley and was approved. I can’t wait to get to this one! And finally, I preordered Iron to Iron, a novella following one of the side characters from Wolf by Wolf.

Book Haul: February 2016


Oh man, I failed again this month. I was on a book buying ban last month, which went quite well, but it’s not really a system that’s going to work long term. I also don’t really like the idea of read 5, buy 1… because I can totally see myself cheating. I decided that I would be happy if I acquired fewer books than I read each month, because it would mean that my TBR is consistently shrinking. And I’m ashamed to report that I’ve failed this month already. I read 15 books in February (check out my wrap up here) and acquired 23. I’M SORRY!



After reading Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson last month, I wanted to catch up on all of Morgan Matson’s releases, so I ordered Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour and two of her Katie Finn books. I’ve already read Amy & Roger and I can’t wait to dive into the Broken Hearts and Revenge books! The rest of the books were highly anticipated releases of mine and I preordered them all a few months back. I’m usually pretty good at reading preorders as soon as they come in, but I had quite a few review books to read, which stopped me from reading my preorders. I’ve already read Stars Above but hopefully I can get to The Girl From Everywhere and A Gathering of Shadows soon too.



One of my worst habits is walking around Kinokuniya aimlessly because I always end up leaving with something I didn’t intend to buy. And that’s exactly how I managed to buy these five books. I saw this really beautiful edition of Looking for Alibrandi and just had to have it. I happened to go to a book launch where Melina was present, and got my copy signed 😀 . I also ended up coming home with The Blackthorn Key which is Joey‘s favourite book… and I had to see what it was about. And finally, after hearing people rave about Captive Prince for the past couple of weeks, I had to pick up the trilogy. I was lucky enough to get signed copies of all three.



I bought Hate is Such a Strong Word because I was super excited to be going to the book launch of Sarah Ayoub’s new release and thought I should probably read her debut novel first. I didn’t end up finishing it in time for the event but will definitely be picking it back up soon! YOLO Juliet caught my eye during that shopping trip and I just had to buy it because the cover was so funny! And I bought Ink and Bone due to Jeann and Aila’s glowing recommendations!!



And now to the books that I received from others this month. Jeann sent me When We Collided and Beautiful Broken Things to review on Happy Indulgence. I’ve already read When We Collided and I can’t wait to jump into Beautiful Broken Things too! I’ll also be reviewing The Sidekicks on Happy Indulgence next week, thanks to Penguin Teen Australia. I’m currently reading it so stay tuned for my review. I received How Not to Disappear from Simon & Schuster, and This is Where the World Ends and The Yearbook Committee from HarperCollins. I attended the launch of The Yearbook Committee last week and got to meet Sarah Ayoub and have my copy signed! I’m a gold member at Dymocks and was given the opportunity to receive a copy of Anna and the Swallow Man in exchange for writing an honest review on their website. Thank you to Dymocks and Penguin Random House for that! And lastly, I received Bullet Catcher unsolicited from Allen & Unwin. It’s a western, which isn’t really my thing but I might give it a go someday because it’s got great ratings so far.



iBooks had a Valentine’s Day sale on contemporary romances and I picked up Sweet Filthy Boy for $1.99. I’ve been hearing a lot about it lately and I hadn’t read any NA for a while so I decided to just go ahead and buy it.

I’ll do better in March. I have some preorders coming in though, so no promises 😀

Book Haul: January 2016


After my disaster of last month, when I acquired 40+ books, I decided to go on a book buying ban in January and it actually worked out quite well. This haul only contains 11 books, which is a massive improvement from the previous couple of months. I didn’t buy a single book for myself, though I did receive some books that I preordered from Book Depository. I’m happy to say that I’ve read almost every single one of the books I acquired this month and you can check out my January Wrap Up here.



These were all highly anticipated 2016 releases of mine and I preordered them in late November. They’re all super beautiful and I’m so happy to have them in my possession.



I requested a couple of books from publishers and was so happy to receive them. Thanks to HarperCollins for Not If I See You First and Lady Helen. I received Max from Text Publishing. And thanks to Allen & Unwin for The Stars at Oktober Bend! Aentee @ Read at Midnight was kind enough to send me her copy of The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August. Seriously, can that girl be any more awesome?!



The author of Chewy Noh sent me an electronic copy of the book for review. And I preordered The Distance from A to Z on iBooks a few weeks back.

Book Haul: December 2015


I have acquired so many new books in December. I don’t even want to count because the number will be scarily high. I’ve been keeping track with a list on my phone and it was 30 at last count so I don’t even want to know how many there are total. But I have already read 12 of the books that I got in December, which I’m super happy about! Check out my December wrap up to see what I read. Having said that, I will definitely be on a ban during January! I’ve already pre-ordered all the January releases I want to read (you’ll see them in my January haul), so I think I’m all set for the next few weeks. Let me know if you’re also on a book-buying ban and we can be each other’s emotional support.

I will include links to Book Depository and Amazon for books that I bought on those sites in case you’re interested in buying them too (not trying to encourage you or anything). The other books will link to Goodreads. Let’s begin!


Photo 2-01-2016, 5 00 26 PM

I forgot to include Red Rising in the photo. It was actually the first book I received in the mail in December but the copy was damaged so I had to wait for Book Depository to send me a new copy… so I kind of forgot about it. I have a huge Percy Jackson obsession right now, which is why I have so many Rick Riordan books in this haul 🙂 And yes, I am aware that I am missing the last book in The Heroes of Olympus series but the US cover of The Blood of Olympus is not available in paperback yet so I’ll probably borrow it from the library and purchase it when the paperback becomes available.


Photo 29-12-2015, 4 20 37 PM

Dymocks is the biggest bookstore chain in Australia. I bought the first five of these books during a bonus points offer period (spend a certain amount of money and get a certain amount of bonus credit points). The Sherlock Holmes collection is something that I’ve always wanted to buy so I ended up buying it as a Christmas present to myself since I had $20 in credit points to use.

I’ve actually already read half of these books. The Lake House was an ARC that I read back in November but I loved it so much I wanted a finished copy. And I think I’ll be reading a little bit of Sherlock every month and hopefully finish the whole book by the end of 2016!


Photo 29-12-2015, 4 15 40 PM

Kinokuniya is another bookstore that I go to really often. I bought the bottom three books in the stack during a 20% off sale (which to Australians, is actually a pretty good discount). I haven’t read any of these yet but plan to in January and February.



I very rarely buy things from Amazon because international shipping always costs a lot and I always forget about exchange rates. The total price is just always a lot more than I’m prepared to pay. But these beautiful hardcover Percy Jackson guides to the Greek Gods and Greek Heroes were actually really, really cheap on Amazon! They were $40-48 AUD each on Book Depository but only $15 USD on Amazon. Plus Alicia @ The Cyborg Knight told me about a 25% off one book discount code, so I only ended up paying $59 AUD (including shipping) for both of these books. That’s a bargain in my opinion 😀



These were all books that I received from publishers and friends! Reality Boy was the gift I got from my Aussie YA Bloggers/Readers Secret Santa. I didn’t manage to guess who my Secret Santa was so I can’t thank her personally 😦 I received These Broken Stars from Aila @ One Way or an Author for Christmas! She’s the sweetest and I need to step up my game because I only sent her Tim Tams and Boost chocolate bars. I’m part of the A Tangle of Gold blog tour that kicks off on February 23rd on Happy Indulgence, so Pan Macmillan Australia sent me an ARC to read and review. I’ll also be interviewing the author so keep your eyes peeled for that! I received What I Saw for review from Harlequin Teen Australia. The rest of the books were sent to me by Jeann to review on Happy Indulgence. And she also threw in her ARC of Magnus Chase because she knew I was getting into Rick Riordan’s books. Thanks Jeann!! ❤



Yuki Chan in Brontë Country is an ARC that I requested from Faber and Faber on NetGalley. I cannot wait to read this! Snowflake Wishes was a holiday novella that I bought on Christmas Day because it seemed like the right thing to do?

Feel free to tell me off in the comments so I can feel sufficiently bad. Hopefully my January book haul will be a shorter post! Haha XD

Book Haul: November 2015


I acquired 23 books in November… I know. I fail. I tried to go on a book buying ban at the beginning of the month and made it to the 18th before I started mass buying everything I saw. I blame all of the Christmas sales for this. But having said that, only 12 of the 23 books were purchased by me. The rest were trades, ARCs and freebies I received. Plus I’ve read 4 of them already, if that helps my case (probably doesn’t)? Check out my November Wrap Up to see what I read.



I usually haul at least 10 books from Book Depository each month so I think 2 books this month is a massive improvement for me. I also pre-ordered Winter back in April so I didn’t technically buy it this month…



Dymocks is the Australian version of Barnes and Noble. They had a 20% off Members Sale in mid-November that I had to take advantage of. I bought all 5 of these books during the sale.



Kinokuniya is probably my favourite bookstore (I’m so sorry, Dymocks). It has a really big range of graphic novels, which I usually don’t go near because it’s a chaotic section that doesn’t seem to have any organisation, beyond sorting by publisher. But as I was walking past the graphic novels en route to the manga, I saw Maus and Hark! A Vagrant, both of which I’ve wanted to read for a while now. I also ended up picking up Challenger Deep since it won the National Book Award recently and I saw The Weight of Water while browsing and had to have it too.



I traded these books with some other Aussie bloggers this month. I received Night Owls from Aentee @ Read at Midnight. Jaz @ Fiction in Fiction in Fiction kindly gave me the Miranda Kenneally books, which I’ve heard so much about over the years but have never picked up. And I traded with Sass for Love is the Higher Law.



I attended a HarperCollins YA event in November and received a goodie bag to take home that included a copy of Demon Road, an ARC of Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club, as well as some posters. I won a signed copy of Ten Thousand Skies Above You on the night during a YA trivia game. The other two books were purchased by me on the night, courtesy of Dymocks… maybe I should have put this in the Dymocks section above?



I promise to try to buy less books in December! There are some Book Depository orders from November that I haven’t received yet, but I’m going to try to limit myself this month. Keyword: try.