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This week the Aussie (and NZ) YA Bloggers group is doing a blog hop to highlight some awesome #LoveOzYA books and why we love Aussie YA! The moderators of the group are hosting this fun blog hop and I’m so excited to be joining in. The blog hop runs from August 8 – 14 and there will also be a Twitter chat on Sunday 14th at 6pm AEST.

1. What you love about Aussie YA

My favourite thing about Aussie YA is the relatability aspect. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a story set in my home city of Sydney, and being able to recognise the places that are talked about. There’s a feeling of familiarity and It makes it easier to connect with the story and the characters. I also feel like Aussie YA novels are much more honest. They’re often grittier and darker and explore issues that matter, including diverse issues.

2. Favourite Aussie YA authors

I’ve always loved The Book Thief and Markus Zusak has always been one of my favourite authors. But there have been some wonderful authors that I’ve discovered in the past 12 months. I love Jaclyn Moriarty and her storytelling ability and her characters. I think her books are absolutely wonderful. I also really love Jessica Shirvington (despite having only read her Disruption duology).

3. The Aussie YA book that you grew up with

The two Aussie YA books that I distinctly remember reading when I was a younger reader were Melina Marchetta’s Saving Francesca and of course, Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief.

4. Favourite Aussie YA book released in 2016

Wow. It’s so hard for me to narrow down my Aussie YA favourites! I have so many that I’ve loved from this year! I’ll try to narrow it down to 3 books. I absolutely loved The Stars at Oktober Bend by Glenda Millard, A Tangle of Gold by Jaclyn Moriarty and Nevernight by Jay Kristoff.

5. Aussie YA debut you are looking forward to

I’m really, really excited about Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland. Not only does it have a beautiful cover, it also has a synopsis that sounds right up my alley. It’s been touted as a John Green meets Rainbow Rowell story so I’m definitely going to be picking it up when it’s released.

6. Favourite Aussie YA series

I don’t typically read a lot of series because contemporary is my favourite genre, so I mostly read standalones. But there are two Aussie YA series that I’m absolutely in love with. The Colours of Madeleine trilogy by Jaclyn Moriarty is one of my all-time favourites because of its creativity and magical plot. The third and final book, A Tangle of Gold, is one of my favourite books of 2016 so far. I also really love the Disruption duology by Jessica Shirvington, which I’ve already mentioned above!

7. Unexpected Aussie YA surprise

I’m not really sure if I’d call this one a surprise because it’s a contemporary and had a plot which didn’t include any tropes that I hate. I knew going into Frankie by Shivaun Plozza that I would like it but I was completely unprepared for how much I would love it! It was absolutely amazing and I enjoyed all of the characters and their relationships.

8. Aussie YA book you always recommend to others

One novel that I’ve been recommending to others since I read it back in early 2015 is The Flywheel by Erin Gough. It’s a beautiful LGBTQIA+ book that features very relatable characters and a realistic lesbian romance. It’s set in the inner west of Sydney and I loved the setting so much.

9. An Aussie YA book on your TBR

I have so many Aussie YA novels on my shelf right now but one that I think I’ll be reading relatively soon is One Would Think the Deep by Claire Zorn. Claire is going to be a guest at the #YABookmeet, hosted by Dymocks Sydney in early September so I’ll be picking it up soon. I also hope to read Ellie Marney’s Every trilogy in upcoming weeks because I now finally own all three books and can binge this trilogy of Sherlock retellings.

10. Recommend your favourite Aussie YA bloggers

How do I even choose?!! There are so many Aussie bloggers that I’ve gotten to know and I don’t want to leave anybody out T_T. Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way. I love Jeann @ Happy Indulgence, because she’s amazing (and I also co-blog there HAHA). I love Aentee @ Read at Midnight, who is my blog twin and food partner in crime. I also love my NZ blogger friend CW @ Read Think Ponder, who is back from her hiatus! I also love Cait @ Paper Fury, Chiara @ Delicate Eternity, Emily @ Loony Literate.

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20 thoughts on “Aussie YA Blog Hop

  1. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence says:

    Hehe so exciting to hear that you’re keen on reading Claire Zorn, finally! Of course, it’s great to see the Colours of Madeleine series on here and the Flywheel as well. It looks like I definitely have to pick up the Every series at some point! Great recommendations, looks like done a good job recommending your favourite Aussie YA books for me to read XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Valerie says:

    All Australian bloggers are THE BEST. And also I’m not even from Australia, but I love reading Aussie YA! The Book Thief is also one of my favorite books, even though I read it a couple of years ago. I’m very much looking forward to Disruption (which is coming out in the US finally!). I’m just glad more and more Aussie books are being released in the US!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jenna @ Reading with Jenna says:

      Yes OMG I was so excited to see the news that Disruption and Corruption are finally going to be releasing in the US! I love those books sooooo much (especially Corruption) and I can’t wait to the rest of the world to fall in love with them too! Another Aussie YA book that I love, The Flywheel by Erin Gough, is also releasing in the US next year until a different title (Get it Together, Delilah… I believe?).


  3. Brooklyn Donnelly (@bsippingtea) says:

    I have to agree with you there on the relatability aspect since I feel like it enhances the reading process just that much to be able to recognise things. It’s just fun, like a book might mention a certain type of chocolate bar and I’ll get really excited because I’ve eaten that and I know how it tastes and it’s a part of my life.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. cw @ readthinkponder says:

    You’ve mentioned SO MANY LOVELY BOOKS that I hadn’t heard about before (I am under a rock) but now I am very curious. (Our Chemical Hearts sounds delightful?)

    AND. *SOBS* Thank you for mentioning me. :’) I appreciate it. ❤ YOU ARE THE BEST AND I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jenna @ Reading with Jenna says:

      I actually haven’t read Graffiti Moon yet but I’ve heard the most amazing things about it! It’s definitely on my TBR. I really loved Cath Crowley’s new release, Words in Deep Blue though. Summer Skin will be out in the US next year and I’m so excited about that!


  5. AdoptaBookAUS says:

    I just read Frankie because of all these wonderful posts mentioning it and loved it, I’m from Melbourne and use to be around Collingwood a lot so I loved hearing about how it is and being able to relate so well to the characters 🙂 Plus the writing was really top notch and I loved the aussieness of it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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