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I don’t usually make resolutions because I don’t like feeling the pressure of having to keep them. I’m the kind of person who has to meet every deadline and achieve every goal that I set, so I prefer to just not set goals that will make me feel bad about myself if I can’t achieve them. Having said that I do like to reflect upon the previous year and think about how I can improve, so here are some things I’d like to do this year.

This tag was created by Trisha @ The Bookgasm Blog and I was tagged by her, as well as the lovely Summer @ Xingsings.



In 2016, I will…

1. Read 100 books:

I think this should be a pretty easy goal to achieve. I read 207 books last year, but I didn’t want to set my goal at 200 and put too much pressure on myself. Hopefully I can clear my goal of 100 pretty easily.ย  I review 3 books every week on this blog and Happy Indulgence, which means that I should be reading upwards of 150 books this year anyway.

2. Buy fewer books:

If you’ve seen my book hauls, you’ll know that I acquire far too many books each month. I’m currently on a book-buying ban but I think I might just set a monthly budget after I end my ban at the end of this month.

3. Shrink my TBR:

My TBR is massive and I want to get it down to under 100 books (maybe under 75 if I’m diligent) this year. Hopefully this will work out okay if I stick to my goal of buying fewer books.

4. Read 50+ backlist books:

This is linked to my previous two goals. I want to read 50 books that were released before 2016 (preferably ones that I’ve already purchased).

5. Stop pre-ordering so many books:

Pre-ordering is my favourite thing to do. I love going through upcoming releases and pre-ordering a whole bunch of them a month or two ahead. And I’m usually very good at reading pre-orders as soon as they arrive. But I want to cut down on the number of books I pre-order and wait until I’ve read a few reviews before committing to buying.



In 2016, I will…

1. Cut down on tag posts:

I currently do one tag every week and a lot of them are very repetitive. I usually just have the same answer for every single tag and there are certain books that just appear in every tag that I do.

2. Try to do some discussion posts:

I don’t know if you’ve noticed… but I haven’t posted a single discussion on this blog (I have done one on Happy Indulgence). If I cut down on the number of tags I do, I want to replace them with discussions.

3. Schedule ahead:

I currently do schedule ahead, but I really only schedule posts for the upcoming week. I want to be a little bit more organised and schedule farther ahead, especially since I’ll be a little more busy this year.

4. Comment back more promptly:

I used to be so good at replying to comments and blog hopping but I’ve gotten really lazy in the last 2 months. I want to reply to comments soon after I receive them so that they don’t start piling up.

5. Keep up with the bookstagramming:

I finally created a bookstagram account, after much peer pressure from Jeann and Aila! Knowing me, I will probably end up posting really infrequently, but I hope you follow me anyway @readingwithjenna ๐Ÿ™‚



In 2016, I will…

1. Actually do work at work:

My full-time job is my PhD, so my schedule is very flexible and there’s almost no supervision at all. My thesis supervisor works from home more often than not, so there’s really nobody checking up on me and making sure that I’m actually doing work during work hours. I found that towards the end of last year, I ended up doing a lot of blogging and commenting during work hours… so I want to cut down on that.

2. Actually go to work:

Hahahaha. I’m really introverted and I love staying at home. I love working from home and there are weeks where I only go in to the office 2 or 3 days a week. It also doesn’t help that I spend 2-3 hours a day commuting to and from the university. But I will try to go in more often this year.

3. Improve on my programming skills:

I have to program every single one of my experiments and even though I’ve been doing it for a while now, I still feel like an amateur at coding. The more senior PhD student in my lab is finishing up her PhD and will be moving on to her PostDoc position in April so I won’t be able to go up to her and get her to tell me what I’m doing wrong.

4. Attend more conferences and actually give talks:

I only went to one conference last year (as well as a free Sydney postgraduate conference that everybody attends anyway) and I presented a poster instead of a 15 minute talk because I was too terrified. I want to get my confidence up and start giving conference talks instead of the more informal poster presentations.

5. Stop doing things for free:

This one sounds kind of awful of me but let me explain. There are lots of things that I do at the university that I could be paid for. For example, helping out an Honours student with their programming. I usually do these things for free because I want to be helpful, but then people start expecting me to keep doing these things for free. Some of the academics that I used to do paid research assistant work for still contact me occasionally and get me to do stupid 10 minute tasks like moving equipment from one room to another. It’s kind of hard for me to ask to be paid for something that’s so simple and quick, but it’s 10 minutes of my time that is wasted.



In 2016, I will…

1. Do more travelling:

I love to travel but I’m just too lazy to actually plan trips. I haven’t been out of the state since the end of 2012 when I went to North America. I’ll be attending some more conferences this year, including one in Florida (fingers crossed). So hopefully I can do a bit more travelling this year.

2. Be more social:

Like I said, I’m super introverted and I hate going out. But I want to go to a few more events this year. We actually have PhD drinks after work every Friday, and I almost never go… but I want to at least make an appearance every now and then.

3. Start sleeping at normal hours of the night:

I’m a night owl and I sometimes sleep at 2am, 3am, 4am… I want to start sleeping before 12am and actually get a good 8 hours of sleep.

4. Learn to cook:

LOL. This is my goal every year and I never end up doing any cooking at all since I still live at home.ย  But I will try.

5. Save 70% of my income:

This one might be a bit difficult since I’m a really big spender. But like I said before, I’m still living at home so that I can continue to save for my own place in a few years (also, I’m introverted and people annoy me so I don’t think I could have flatmates without being in a constant state of anger). I have three sources of income this year so I’m hoping that I can save even more.



I’m not going to tag any one in particular because I know that not every one makes resolutions. But feel free to do this if you’re interested!

44 thoughts on “2016 Resolutions Tag

  1. Kat Impossible says:

    Those are all great resolutions! I’ll really envy you if you manage to read 100 books! But I also love your personal and career goals. I love cooking and baking as long as I don’t have to do it every day , so I hope you’ll at least try it a couple of times and then tell us how it went ahaha

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  2. Marie @ drizzleandhurricanebooks says:

    I understand about tags, they are sometimes too repetitive, but I feel obligated to do them, ahah. And scheduling ahead is definitely something I want to do, too, but well, it takes time to schedule, too. I hope we both can do that more! YES to more travelling. Travelling is the best! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • Jenna @ Reading with Jenna says:

      Travelling really is the best. I’m just sad that I never actually commit to doing it. I’m always looking ahead and thinking “but what if this happens and I actually don’t have time off?” so I never end up planning anything. But hopefully I can do a couple of fun things this year!

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      • Marie @ drizzleandhurricanebooks says:

        I completely understand the feeling. But honestly, I can’t live without thinking about the next trip/ having a next trip planned. It makes me feel so much better and happier when I know I have some travelling to look forward to.
        I really hope you’ll be able to reavel this year!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. samoak says:

    A lot of great goals. I have to force myself to be social as well. I used to have the option to work from home at my previous job, which I did frequently. So it’s kind of nice that I absolutely have to into the office 5 days a week for this position.

    Not pre-ordering as many books would be hard. I love to pre-order all my autobuy authors and some new releases that I’m really interested in.

    Good luck on cutting down your TBR pile. I’m aiming to do the same. It’s going to be hard to do that and read some backlist titles, since so many great looking books are set to release this year.

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    • Jenna @ Reading with Jenna says:

      Yeah I like it when I have commitments and absolutely have to go into work. I think it makes me more productive as well. On days when I don’t have meetings or anything, I wake up in the morning and think “well… I could just stay at home”. And instead of working from home, I just read and blog XD I’m so bad!

      I’m really hoping that cutting down on my pre-orders will help me with cutting down the TBR. I find that I pre-order lots of new releases that either aren’t that great or I’ve lost interest in by the time they arrive. I’ll definitely try to wait and see what others think of the book first before jumping in and ordering.

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      • samoak says:

        Yes! I kind of miss those days. Especially when it’s freezing outside. I would end up doing the same thing though and either blogging, reading or (occasionally) baking instead of working. ๐Ÿ˜›

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  4. MyTinyObsessions says:

    Jenna, I could so relate to you academic resolutions. It is hard not having anyone checking up on us while at work, right? My fingers wander way to often to wordpress (ups). 2015 was the first year I didn’t attend any conference ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and I’m terrified to give talks too, I have a few (a lot) of poster presentations, but zero talks because I’m just so stupidly afraid of them :(. This year, we’ll do better! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  5. SDCB Steph says:

    You have set some fantastic goals for yourself. I have many of the same goals. I have started reading from the oldest five books on my TBR and cycling through the old and the new. I am only buying books that are what I would consider necessary, and I don’t mean in that “I love to find any reason” sort of way. I am purchasing them if they are a part of the reading the oldest books on my list thing and not available at the library. Best of luck with your goals.

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    • Jenna @ Reading with Jenna says:

      That’s a great way of getting through those old TBR books! I don’t think I have the willpower to do that. I also find that it’s easier for me to read books as soon as I buy them because if I leave them, they just go unread for ages. But I’m on a book buying ban right now and I’m getting through quite a few of the older books on my TBR.


  6. Aila @ One Way Or An Author says:

    LOL JENNA let’s check back to this post at the end of 2016 to see how you’ve done. Some of these are just plain painful-sounding!

    Stop pre-ordering books? *gags*

    Learning to cook? *clutches heart*

    Actually do work at work? *internal screaming*

    But yesss to not doing things for free. GET’EM. Also I can’t wait to read more discussion from you Jenna!


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    • Jenna @ Reading with Jenna says:

      LOL yeah. I love how my resolutions are like “go to work and actually do work”. My willpower is already dying. I should definitely keep a log book to see how many days I actually go to uni. Hopefully I’ll be better at it this year since I’ll be teaching some classes. Mandatory attendance for me ๐Ÿ˜€ The other resolutions will probably not happen… except maybe travelling. CROSSING EVERYTHING THAT I CAN COME TO FLORIDA!


  7. A Stranger's Guide to Novels says:

    Loving these resolutions!
    I think my TBR pile is never going to go down to zero. There will always be that one book, that I would just love to read, especially with all of these fantastic new releases coming out.
    I never schedule posts which makes me go to bed super late almost everyday. I’m going to start this year though, because I need my sleep!

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    • Jenna @ Reading with Jenna says:

      Yeah I’m okay with the fact that my TBR will never be at zero. I’ll be really happy if it’s under 50 to be honest. But that’s not going to happen this year. I’ll aim just aim for double digits right now ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Scheduling is wonderful because it takes off some of the stress, but at the same time I love being able to hit publish and have what I just wrote out into the world. The waiting is kind of painful sometimes. Good luck with the blogging this year though!

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  8. Ashley says:

    I need to buy fewer books too. I already went overboard in January and itโ€™s not even half into the month, lol! Although, some were technically purchased in December and I just hadnโ€™t received them until now. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I need to shrink my TBR as well! Itโ€™s getting a little crazy (maybe a lot crazy) now. Iโ€™m trying to limit my buying and just buy what I have. Because honestly, most of the books that I buy I donโ€™t even read right away. So I am trying to only buy what I know I will read asap!

    I almost preordered like five books yesterday, haha. I had to delete my cart. I just canโ€™t keep doing that either, haha. Itโ€™s not like they will disappear off the face of the earth if I donโ€™t preorder LOL!
    I also want to do discussion posts. I feel like I just do the same things over and over again and I want some variety!

    I really want to travel more as well. I am so annoyed with myself that I didnโ€™tโ€™ save money to do that last year. This year I am hoping it all about saving, so I can travel too!

    I have no idea how to cook either, so youโ€™re not alone. Hopefully this year we both can learn and start cooking! ๐Ÿ˜› The boyfriend does it all, haha.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Jenna @ Reading with Jenna says:

      Haha it looks like we have a lot of the same goals this year! I’m on a book buying ban this month and it’s actually going pretty well. I haven’t bought anything at all, though I have received some books that I ordered last month from Book Depository ๐Ÿ˜€ (I totally cheated and did a lot of pre-emptive buying haha). I think from now on, I’m only going to pre-order books that I know I’m definitely going to enjoy and read asap… like sequels. I was disappointed with some of the pre-orders that I made last year, so I want to check out more reviews before buying, rather than pre-order based on hype.

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      • Ashley says:

        I’m going to have a decent sized book haul this month, lol! I may have gone a little bit book buying crazy. Although, technically half were bought in December but not received until this month. HAHA. I think I have most of the books that I really want though, so hopefully the next few months won’t be so bad with the buy LOL! I used to preorder so many books, but put a stop to that. I think I only have one on preorder right now.

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  9. Lois says:

    These are some very impressive and practical resolutions. I don’t usually set resolutions either but I have a lot of goals that I want to achieve this year. Shrinking my tbr list is definitely a priority and I’ve found that book buying bans actually help achieve that.

    All of your personal goals are actually on my list as well. Traveling is my main goal of the year. I’ve not actually been abroad in 15 years and my itch to travel has been sky high since graduating. I have tendency to overthink things and I find the planning to be quite daunting but I am determined to see more of the world this year.

    My introverted self also wants to be more social and just communicate more. I figure if I do one day of social interaction and follow it by having a ‘me’ day I think I can come to a nice balance.

    Good luck with the resolutions. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • Jenna @ Reading with Jenna says:

      It’s definitely the planning that puts me off travelling. Just coordinating the accommodation and flights and figuring out what to do each day makes me want to give up and stay at home HAHA. If somebody else planned the whole trip and told me where to go at what time, I’d totally be up for it ๐Ÿ˜€

      I’m on a book buying ban right now and it’s definitely helped me get some books of my TBR… but I’ve also been getting quite a few review books… so it’s just never ending T_T

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  10. Ksenia says:

    Well, thatโ€™s a lot of goals, Jenna. Good luck with them! Yay for reading more backlist books, sometimes I feel like a weirdo reading a lot of backlist books, because everyone read new releases. Iโ€™m looking forward to your discussion posts, canโ€™t wait what you would come up with.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jenna @ Reading with Jenna says:

      I only started getting back into reading 2014, so there are lots of books that people always talk about that I want to read. I bought a lot of them in 2015 but didn’t get around to reading them so I definitely want to dedicate more time to reading them and getting them off my TBR!


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